South Korea, which is commonly referred to as Korea, is a small country in East Asia. After the division of the country, Korea underwent an exponential economic growth and became one of the Asian tiger’s. The growth was detrimental to many aspects, including the environment.

This post wants to illustrate the past, the present and the future of Korea with three examples. One is the Cheonggyecheon River, a small river in the middle of Seoul which evolution runs parallel to the country. It used to be a playground for the children or a place to do the laundry in the late forties, it became a highway in the sixties, and finally the government tried to do a river restoration but the result wasn’t the expected. Another example is the management of the national parks, their evolution and peculiarities, from the first National Park in 1967 to the current twenty Nationals Parks. The third example is the atmospheric pollution, a global problem in the region that needs a global solution too.

Like in the European countries, the economic process came first and afterwards it was the environment, but we should keep in mind that without the environment our future will be condemned. It is necessary to find another way to growth respecting the environment.

Keywords: South Korea, environment, growth, river, national parks and atmospheric pollution.

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